The unique heating system of the Thor panel is characterised by the use of nanotechnology, which enables the emission of far infrared rays through a patented glass plate of only 10 mm designed in the shape of the famous iPhone. All the technology is contained within the device, which is particularly eye-catching due to its low-impact design. Completely transparent, extremely practical and space-saving in application, whether ceiling or wall mounted, Thor does not create architectural impact or disrupt the style and décor of existing design structures. It is a true revolution in comfortable ‘outdoor living’. Thanks to Olmar’s new Thor panel, with approximately 80 per cent less electricity consumption than conventional UV heaters, it is possible to achieve ideal thermal comfort for people, significantly improving the use of outdoor areas.


Available Colors


Thor AL 10: 1000 WATT
Thor AL 15: 1500 WATT


Thor AL 10: L 160 H 1310 P 40 mm
Thor AL 15: L 160 H 1710 P 40 mm