The One


The One

The One is designed to bring well-being, warmth, and hygiene to every area of your home, yet its true originality lies in the new exclusive FIR biogenic radiation technology paired with the ionization and active oxygen ozonation functions.
The One relies on Far Infrared Ray technology (FIR), also known as “biogenic rays” or “rays of life”, which penetrate solid bodies producing an increase in cutaneous and subcutaneous temperature: a process that generates thermal comfort without having to heat the air or requiring invasive installation, maintenance, or flue pipe. The One is a large appliance equipped with ionizer (Dual Ag+ Technology), which combines the benefits of biogenic waves with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of ionic silver and active oxygen ozonizer (Oxy Active), for the sanitization of indoor spaces. Designed to be the heart of a classic and timeless living space, The One is offered in different finishes, including the new gold leaf version, for a revised image designed by especially designed by architect and designer Giulio Cappellini.

This product features a Inverter Heater patented technology, which enables the optimazion of energy consumption.

Function with remote control



2400 WATT

Power Control

100% – 60%


L 505 H 2250 P 135 mm

Available Colors