Geometries, versatility, and formal rigor. Designed by architect and designer Giulio Cappellini, Square is a all-mounted electric appliance equipped with purification, heating and sanitization functions.
The essence of the project – which reinterprets the architectural volumes of the classic fireplace through an avant-garde lens – is enclosed in its name: the wide squared edge framing the fire. This frame is available in different colors and finishes: a variety of choice that allows this electric fireplace to effortlessly complement both contemporary and more classic interiors. Square uses Far Infrared Rays (FIR), also known as “biogenic rays” or “rays of life.” They are called “distant” rays because they are positioned away from the spectrum of light visible to the human eye and produce heat through the emission of biogenic waves. FIR penetrate solid bodies producing an increase in cutaneous and subcutaneous temperature: a process that generates thermal well-being without having to heat the air and without requiring invasive installation, maintenance, flue pipe, combustion or fume and dust emission.
Square also provides an ionization function (Dual Ag+ Technology), which combines the wholesome effects of biogenic waves with the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of ionic silver. It also offers ozonation (Oxy Active), through which it sanitizes indoor spaces by eliminating bacteria and pathogens.

Function with remote control


1200 WATT

Power Control

100% – 60%


L 900 H 900 P 195 mm

Available Colors