Mito is a multifunctional appliance that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a sauna right inside your bathroom. The device is covered by a Iroko wooden structure equipped with a practical and reclining seat that can be easily lifted to sit and enjoy the sauna. After use, the seat can be folded back into the structure without taking up any space. Mito utilizes Far Infrared Ray technology (FIR), also known as “biogenic rays” or “rays of life”, which penetrate solid bodies, enabling an increase in cutaneous and subcutaneous temperature: a process that creates thermal well-being without having to heat the air or requiring any invasive installation.
Mito dries and purifies bathroom textiles (wipes, bathrobes, towels) and clothing, eliminating odors and humidity while purifying the environment and furnishings by combining the wholesome effects of FIR with the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of ionic silver. Mito is extremely simple to install, requiring only and empty wall and an electrical connection.


Available Colors

Function with remote control


1000 WATT

Power Control

1°livello 250w 0,180 kwh
2°livello 500w 0,360 kwh
3°livello 750w 0,560 kwh
4°livello 1000w 0,750 kwh


L 495 H 1200 P 90 mm