The benefits of electric heating

Conversion from fossil fuels has become a necessity imposed by international events, which have rapidly shifted world energy market balance. This also serve as a road map for the improvement of individual and collective health and well-being, as the decommission of coal and gas-fired installation promotes the fast reduction of air pollutants, today mostly derived from combustion used to heat buildings, vehicular traffic and industry. In fact, according to data provided by the World Health Organization, every year air pollution is causing 7 million premature deaths around the worlds, 500,000 of which in Europe and 90,000 in Italy: a silent pandemic that – more and before Covid-19- has been affecting public health and that – just in the European Union – affects direct health care costs for 10% of the GDP of the Member States.

The Advantage of Radiant Panels

When compared to energy derived from traditional fossil and non-fossil fuels, electric energy shows a great advantage: besides being renewable, it is also sustainable. Hence, it does not harm the environment. For this reason, increasingly more electric cars and scooters are crowding our cities’ streets. There is more. Even electric systems relying on radiant panels already represent the present and future of home heating. Electric heating is the ideal answer to the requirements of a green lifestyle, as opposed to gas distribution networks, pellet or wood stoves; moreover, applying all necessary measures and appropriate technologies, electric heating is convenient even from a monetary standpoint.

The benefits of electric heating

Electric energy can be generated collectively

It could be argued that as of today, electric energy is still more expensive than gas but, besides being much cleaner and safer – it offers the benefit of being self-produced through photovoltaic panels. Applicable regulations in Italy already allow for the creation of Renewable Energy Communities (RES), platform involving families, enterprises, and public administration. A format for which citizens belonging to one cabina di generazione become prosumers, which means energy producers, users, and sellers on the territory. This means that if an apartment building, a multi-family building or a small neighborhood provide itself with photovoltaic systems connected to the network, they will be able to produce the energy they require nearly at no cost, with time decreasing their energy bills close to 100%.

Installation and maintenance cost savings

The need to procure energy from alternative sources is today a commonly agreed emergency in the community and in the industry sector. A revolution that must be supported with daily actions, contributing to the shift in the habits responsible for the rising of energy bills as well as air pollution. Therefore, electric heating panels are one step ahead: they operate without requiring specific equipment, flue pipes, boilers, and e radiators, which affect both initial installation and periodic maintenance cost and that, throughout the years, can decrease their performance and safety. Radiant panels available on the market (as the wide range offered by Olmar) are simply powered by an electrical outlet, they don’t not require any installation and are true objects of design, conceived to decorate your indoor spaces – from the living area, to the bathroom and terrace – while uniformly generating heat in the different areas of the home, relying on FIR (Far Infrared Ray) technology.


A small home sun

Olmar products are equipped with a particular technology able to directly heat people and objects present in a room, covering the function of a small appliance without moving the air and dusts present in the indoor atmosphere, conveying a pleasant feeling of warmth.
We have to certainly consider the cost to purchase termoarredi, but this is to be seen as an investment that will pay for itself in just a few years and that can be claimed as tax deduction and eco-bonus. Electric radiators allow for electric bills to be reduced of i 20-30%. These savings are destined to increase when energy is self-produced through solar and/or photovoltaic panels.

The benefits of electric heating

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