Healthier Indoor Air

Considering the time spent at home, in the office, on public transportation, and in stores, it has been calculated that we spend an average of 90% of our lives indoor. Basically, we end up living for several years in direct contact with an immense air volume that potentially carries pollutants: viruses, bacteria, mites, spores e micro dust, which inside closed environments tend to accumulate and stagnate.  When utilizing thermal convection heating, these agents are more easily moved and spread in the indoor atmosphere and risk being inhaled, favoring allergies and respiratory disorders, especially in more vulnerable and sensitive subjects.

The unexpected poisonous elements hiding in our homes

Indoor air quality represents an extremely significant factor in terms of health and not only for the prevention of the spread of Covid. Certainly, opening windows ensuring adequate air circulation is necessary, but it is not sufficient. It is, instead, essential to utilize heating systems that do not involve harmful emissions and, at the same time, avoid moving dust and inhalants, ensuring appropriate thermal wellbeing.  For example: the use of gas cooktops, operating through combustion, increases the risk of carbon monoxide withing the homes, in addition to volatile organic compound derived from cooking. In such cases, state-of-the-art electric induction cooktops offer a valid alternative avoiding combustion, and that -in a virtuous home – can be at least partially with photovoltaics.

The right and healthy temperature

The same goes for the electric systems that can be now used for the domestic production of heat, as for the Olmar radiant panels and heated towel racks. It is important for the human body to strike a climate balance with the surrounding environment: temperature and air humidity are two regulatory factors of the thermal exchange between human body and their environment. Therefore, there is no sensation of excessive heat or cold, and a satisfying feeling is achieved, which is technically qualified as “thermal well-being”. This optimal condition is reached only if environmental parameters – such as temperature, relative humidity, and ventilation – are appropriately measured. It has been calculated that in winter air temperature should be between 19 and 25oC, with relative humidity of  40-50% and ventilation between 0,01 e 0,1 m/s; while in summer, ideal indoor temperature is between 24 and 26oC, with relative humidity of 50-60% and ventilation between  0,1 and 0,02 m/s.

Healthier Indoor Air

There cannot be any thermal wellbeing without air quality

In addition to thermal well-being, air quality is essential in indoor spaces which must be clean and sanitized. Sealing indoor spaces is not the best solution to achieve protection from viral agents or smog. With time, it could actually be harmful to health. In order to clean the domestic atmosphere, we can now rely on two precious allies: a gas characterized by certified sanitizing, antibacterial and antifungal properties and silver, known for its purifying and antimicrobial properties, especially when diffused in the air as ions, bioactive particles featuring high germicidal effectiveness, protective for skin and mucous membrane.

Three Integrated Functions, One Appliance

Olmar FIR (Far Infrared Rays) heating system combines three functions in one appliance – purification, sanitization and temperature control– in one appliance able to considerably improve the quality of indoor living. Specifically, (Olmar-patented) Dual Ag+ technology allows for the pairing of the benefits derived from biogenic waves with the antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities of ionic silver; while the Oxy Active Concept ozonation system releases 8 million negative ions per cubic centimeter in the air, ensuring the emission of 50 mg/hr of ozone.


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