Auretta Square


Auretta Square

Auretta Square is a radiating free-standing appliance featuring clean and essential lines that recall the shape of a fireplace through a moving flame-effect, while heating and sanitizing indoor spaces at the same time.
Auretta Square utilizes Far Infrared Rays (FIR), also known as “biogenic rays” or “rays of life”, a form of natural energy that is absorbed by solid bodies by the radiation area, producing an immediate sensation of warmth. These rays increase in cutaneous and subcutaneous temperature by penetrating the body generating thermal well-being without moving air and without requiring installation, maintenance, or flue pipe. This appliance also offers a purification and ionization function (Dual Ag+ Technology), which combines the wholesome effects of biogenic waves with the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of ionic silver. Additionally, an ozonation function (Oxy Active) sanitizes indoor spaces by eliminating bacteria and pathogens. Auretta Square is a free-standing element that can be placed against the wall or in the center of the room. Only an electrical connection is required for the appliance to function.

Available Colors

Available Colors

This product features a Inverter Heater patented technology, which enables the optimazion of energy consumption.

Function with remote control


700 WATT

Power Control

100% – 60%

Heating area/energy class

Auretta Square


L 520 H 1220 P 235 mm

Auretta Square

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